Friday, 25 June 2010

My New Owl Stamp

I got to have a little play with the new stamp this afternoon. I was very thrifty as well as I used a piece of card that I had cut off as excess from another project, so used that, it is only a small card, but just right I think for this stamp. I had to practice a few times, and am still not totally happy with the end result, but will try in on the rock a blocks when I can find them lol.

Ok so there I was quite happy with one of the results on the scrap card, that I decided to stamp onto the main card....... inked it all up really well with the Impress Carmine ink pad and stamped onto the card..... to my horror I had managed to miss out most of one of the eyes :( that is soooo very frustrating. I nearly scrapped the whole idea at that point, BUT I cut out the image that wasn't too bad on the scrap card and just stuck on some sticky pads and decoupaged it LOL. I don't think it looks too bad, I did cut off the feet on the scrap card one as I had cut it too straight.

I guess what I have learnt today, is that when stamping, you have to have some sort of pad to stamp on, that will take a bit more investigating, and also that there can be ways round things that you think are ruined. But most of all I need to practice, and practice and practice some more at stamping.

What does everyone else use for stamping on? Oh and did you notice my clever use of using a coloured ink pad so I wouldn't have to colour it in?? Genius I call it LOL. Still waiting for any colouring in Workshops lol.


  1. NONA this little owl card is such a "hoot"(LOL)
    it's adorable.

  2. I love your owl card Susan it's cute

    Hugs Jackie x

  3. This is so cute Nona and well done you on recovering it from a near-disaster! I'm afraid I have no helpful advice on stamping at all, it seems that whatever I try I just make a mess, so I've pretty much given up on real stamping, thank goodness that digital stamps became popular. The ONE thing I've found that's helpful is that, if you end up with a blank bit, as you mentioned, you can sometimes draw in the missing bit with a marker of the same colour.

  4. Love your owl stamp, and the decoupage is a great idea, i also love the colour too.
    Betty x x

  5. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments, the colour is an Impress ink pad called Carmine ~ which is this lovely pink.

    Susan I am glad I am not the only one who has problems with stamping lol.

  6. Hi Nona, hope you don't mind me butting in here as I've only just found your blog.
    Loved your owl and smiled at your disappointment when you found the eyes had not all been inked/stamped. Reason for smile was the memories it brings of how many times I've done the same thing. Well done you on recovering it.
    I've only just started using the rocker blocks and find them of great use compared to the flat acrylic blocks.
    Have severe arthritis and the rocker blocks make life sooo much easier.
    Have you tried using an old telephone book to stamp on? It acts as a 'pad' to give a little 'give' as you stamp.
    I use mine also for when I'm gluing or inking as I can simply tear off the top page and there's a nice new clean one all ready to use:-))
    Your idea of using coloured ink to stamp out is a great idea and think I might use that for some of my stamping.
    Have just started using the Cuttlebug to emboss paper as simple backgrounds for something like the owl. It adds texture and interest without being too fussy.
    Hope you continue with your stamping and enjoy it, especially the mistakes........amazing what you learn from them.
    Thanks for a lovely blog, don't have one myself but love looking at other peoples where I find lovely ideas such as yours.