Saturday, 19 June 2010

New Home Card ~ a work in progress

Well I have had a go at paper pricking, using a pattern from a pack I have found in the depths of the craft room, I am going to use it to make a New Home card for one of our MU members who moved yesterday.
The coloured sheet is a page I created on MCS I intend to put the paper pricked page onto the large coloured shape, then the smaller picture with the chair and New Home on, into the center of the pricked paper. Sorry about the poor qualiy of the photo, I don't think it is quite in focus.
I will leave the cutting out till tomorrow, because I have finally had enough and my body needs to rest from all the activity I have done this last week, been out every day and sometimes twice in the one day :( Fortunately for me today's event was cancelled due to the poor weather, so I have managed to have a sleep this morning, but needed to make a start on the card.
Will continue the post when the card is finished.


  1. Nona it's great to see you blogging again and I love all your makes.
    Thanks for sharing the words to Taps, I've not heard that 3rd verse before either.
    Hope you are keeping ok and managed a rest today, hope the forum is back up and running again soon
    Hugs Jackie x

  2. Fabulous work Nona and its good to see you here. hope you have a lovely sunday and hoping Al gets the forum back up soon
    hugs June xxxxxx

  3. Thank you Jackie and June, I still need to get into the swing of blogging. All I seemed to have done today is sleep and take my painkillers.

    Nona :-)