Sunday, 4 July 2010


Well what a last few days I have had healthwise :( Anyway surfice to say that I am not climbing the walls in pain any more, so I guess the tablets I am now on must have started working.
HAPPY 4th of JULY to those of you who celebrate it, I should have been going to a party tonight to help one of my Brownies mum celebrate it, but unfortunately my daughter is double booked as she is playing in a concert tonight. I am still not certain if I am going to go depends how well my tablets work this evening after I have had something to eat.

I have today made a stationery box using MCS (My Craft Studio) in case you were wondering. I am pleasently suprised at how sturdy it has come out. I used 160gsm paper, for both the box and the cards, and only 80gsm for the inserts, envelopes and liner. I do however need to get onto the helpline as the insert has a funny line on them and unless I am missing something obvious then it has to be a fault on the image :( Well the box I have decided is going to go to the Summer Fayre later in the month for either the tombola or raffle, wherever they want to put it. I am going to make sure that my name is on it all..... LOL you never know!!!!!!

I also managed to track down a brilliant and sooo easy tutorial for making a neverending card, I have never tried one before so followed the video and it worked!!!! YEAHHHHH so pleased with it, just need to decorate it now well the 2nd one I have made that is, I am keeping the first one as an instruction card in my folder lol.

I hope those of you haven't tried a neverending card before will check out the easy video and have a go, please let me know if you mange to have a go.


  1. Love the Stationary box Nona, the papers used are so pretty, i'm sure it will be snapped up quite quickly at the Summer Fayre.
    Hugs Betty x x

  2. Your box and cards are lovely Nona, that paper is very pretty. I hope you get your problem sorted out easily

    Hugs Jackie x

  3. WOW!!! Fabulous makes Nona, lovely papers too, gorgeous project
    Hugs Sarah xx

  4. Beautiful stationary and cards Nona.
    Congrats on figuring out the never ending card.
    Love to see what you do with it.

  5. Just catching up with my belated blog hopping. I love the box. Did you get any commissions?

  6. lovely work Nona
    theres a surprise on my blog for you xx