Monday, 28 September 2009


How silly of me, I never took a photo of mine and Hannah's ATC's for the swap I have just hosted :( I can't believe I didn't think about it!!!
Anyway the set of 12 on the right have the top 2 rows by Susie and her friend Kim, who has made her leaf ones on some sort of board. Hannah's are the next row down with the blue sky, she added a touch of glitter glue here and there, and finally the bottom row are the ones I did, entitled Autumn Fashion. I know I got the images from blog hopping but stupid me forgot to re name them from who I got them from.
So if you are the one who had the fashion images on your blog, a BIG THANK YOU, it also brought back memories of my mum who used to make her own clothes, as I know the images were from old patterns.
The ATC's on the right were more I ended up making originally just to fill up the A4 sheet of photographic paper but then developed into the designs you can see. I used the My Craft Studio application to design them, and then just added some peel offs to finish them off.

Friday, 25 September 2009


Last week we managed to get several photos of a perfectly solitary tree at the Priory in all its glorious Autumn colours. Hannah even managed to get into the tree and take a photo looking straight up through the branches and leaves.
I managed to get them more or less into ATC sizes and Hannah has used 3 of them for an ATC swap she is taking part in.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Well in this collection we have my grandaughters 4th birthday card, a couple of RAK cards and a wedding anniversary card, which had I known at the time of making it that it was their Golden aniv, I would have made one accordingly, oh well it was a first for me as I had never made a shaker card before, and the couple loved it, so all is well that ends well, as they say :D

Birthday Cards

Here are a few recent birthday cards

The first 2 were made using the JS Messy Rabbit cd, the last one is with one of the Faerie poppets I think, but can't remember.

Am pleased to report at all the girls loved their cards.

Baby cards made

Well I thought it was about time I brought my blog up to date with some of the cards I have made recently.

These 4 cards were all for the same baby born at the end of Aug to a Guider friend of mine. I chose the JS baby one because I am a bit of a traditionlist and old fashioned at times, and this image just begged to be used.

The 2nd one with a rocking horse is a card Hannah created using the Greetings Card Factory cd we have, she is rather a dab hand at using it.

My daughter Elizabeth is now a qualified guider and the assistant to my friend so she wanted a 'funky' card from the Brownies for her, hence the bold coloured one, but she wanted a plain one from herself, so I ended up with the two teddy bears with a shaded background which I made using the My Craft Studio. Quite pleased with the end result.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Encaustic play

After not being too well recently I just haven't had any get up and go as it had got up and left ages ago lol, I haven't even really been interested in crafting :( ~ yes I was THAT badly lol.

This evening I have had a bit of a play with my encaustic art stuff. These are the results so far, I think I might turn some into ATC's and not sure what I will do with the rest yet, I might try stamping some outline images onto them.... oh decisions decisions lol.

Anyway any suggestions would be welcome, even if it is just to bin them lol.

Oh goodness no wonder I couldn't find the images on my laptop to insert, they are still on the flipping camera ROFL oh dear seems I am having a senior moment LOL

Will post the photos tomorrow.

Nona :-)

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Sandra over at Come rain or shine is celebrating her 1st birthday on here, and has some super stamps on offer as her candy. Go and have a look here


Where has the summer gone? I am sorry I haven't been posting things on here as and when I make them, but it has been a mad house here for the last goodness knows how long with upgrades to the kitchen and a shower installed in the bathroom. Totally and utterly maaaddddd.

So I think I am going to challenge myself to post on my blog at least once a week and see how that goes. Give me a nudge if you see me lapse will you please.