Friday, 12 June 2009

A week ago at the Craft Club I made a card using a frame, which I chalked a bit and got 2 plain flowers and used a quicky glue pen on and then glittered with a shimmery glitter, I must ask what it was as I quite liked the effect. Anyway that then became the MU birthday card for this month, not looking forward to next year really as I have a few 80th and 90th cards to make for our ladies.

The next cards are for Elizabeth, my daughter who will be 20 tomorrow, but will be away on a Guiding Training over at Waddow. So had to make sure they went to my fiends last night for her to take and give to her tomorrow. I know the staff at Waddow are making her a tray back cake so I am sure she will be very embarrassed but pleased with it all.
The Otter card is from the JS Jayne Netley Mayhew cd. Hannah choose the image and printed them off but I ended up having to put it all together for her as we were running out of time to get them to my friend. I had decided I wanted to use the beautiful fuchia paper I had but couldn't think what to do, until I found the black mirri card and the peel off's and bingo I had the plan. lol.

I think that is now me caught up with my latest makes...... just as well as I have my grand daughters 1st birthday card to make for next week, so as they say.... watch this space!!!!

We had a bit of a change with these cards, as they were created using the Greetings Cards Factory programme. Unfortunately for me Hannah has become a whiz at using this as it is on the family computer, which I never seem to get on these days lol. Anyway picture this if you can ~ it is the night before her best friend is due to make her 1st Holy Communion so she prints off her card after we have managed to work out how to print it on both sides. I asked if the card was from all of us, until she pointed out the wording ~ For a Dear Friend........ ok I thought it can't be that hard to quickly get one made up and printed off...... What did I know!!!!!! After all that we did make it in the end complete with a 20 min drive to get there all for a 9am Service, which is half an hour before our own service ususally begins lol.
The good thing is that Hannah now knows what the service is like and that she will now be more confident when it is her time to make her 1st Holy Communion. And as they say that is a totally different story....... Must remember to get a dress sorted for her!

I couldn't believe the choices I had of the front cover, the wording for inside and I was a bit overwhelmed, so I cheated and found a ready made template and used that, personally I thought the sentiments and the quality of the pictures were better than you would get in a regular card shop..... opppss can I say that or is it swearing??? LOL

Oh I also forgot to mention Hannah had made some bookmarks for Safia so to make up the whole sheet I made her one and one for Hannah and I to use in our latest read together book!!! The Books r fun one isn't in the photo unfortunately.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ok one of these days I will get the hang of how to layout the photos and text, I thought I would try the no style but the photos are still all in a line lol.
We have the bottom 2 cards made for one of our MU members for her birthday, one was from the Sunday School which she runs so I was asked to make the card for her. They were both made using the JS Pamela West cd. I am going to do the cottage scene from one of the left over toppers and use a bit of flower soft on it as I think it will give a very good effect.
The Lioness image is from the Jayne Netley Mayhew cd. This was made into a Thank You card for our Link Corospondant who came to talk at my local MU meeting, I was asked to make something with an Africian theme, I think the lioness manages that, ~ doesn't it?
The top one was for my middle daughter's fiancee's birthday end of May. I ended up going for a zodiacal one because I wanted something a bit different, and I thought if I did one of my Fee J's Saucy ladies my daughter might be annoyed with me, and I am fairly sure I did a train one for him last year lol. Goodness old age is getting to be a pain when I can't remember things like I used to LOL. Anyway I used a Zodiac Edition cd I have and do you know the flipping problems I had getting the date to put on it????? We don't have a regular newspaper with horoscopes in so I decided to look online....... well you wouldn't believe the variations I could have had for Virgo, goodness knows how those born on the change over days cope lol.
If anyone has a reliable list of the dates for all of the zodiac's I would appriciate it please, for future reference.

Well I have finally managed to get some photos onto my laptop of cards I have made recently.

Various cards made with JS Pamela West's cd, Oriental Fantasy cd2 and CC Flower Fairy's cd, a Penny slider card that I made after learning the technique at the Craft Club I go to. The badger is also from a cd but I can't for the life of me think what it is just now lol ~ old age don't ya know!!!

Well I have finally managed to get some photos onto my laptop of cards I have made recently.

An MU Thank You card for our Link Corospondant speaker. I was asked to make something with an Africian theme, I think I have managed that.

We also had one of our members have a birthday so a card was made for her by me.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Not sure how this will work but here goes, fingers crossed and everything else lol ~

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