Friday, 18 June 2010

Craft Club make 16th June

WOW what a first for me. I used my light box which I have had for a couple of years and never used before to emboss the zig zag. If I had been left on my own to do it, I would have put the card on the light box and the stencil on the top.... thank goodness one of the women there talked me through what to do. I then decided not to emboss the hearts as you can see in the blue card, which was the inspiration card to work from. So instead I did some paper pricking, which will make the card far more usable for me now with not having hearts on. I also did the embossing and cutting out of the semi-circle, I found my hand was shaking so much I didn't feel I would do it right, so they suggested that I put the template over the top and cut it that way. I am not totally happy at the state of the cutting, and think next time I do one I will cut it free hand. I think I might end up using a silver peel off just around the edge of the circle part. I used a gree metalic for the stitching, again a 1st for me, the only thread I have used has been in cross stitching LOL. I have a yellow and green flower which was the inspiration to use the green stitching and I intend using some green holographic card behind the topper. But at present this is a work in progress.

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