Thursday, 29 October 2009

Guiders G2G4

Well it is now the end of Oct and I am just about ready to go off to London in the morning for a Guiders Get Together with other Guiders from a forum we all belong to.

I was asked to make 4 Thank You cards so ummed and ahhed over what I could do, and ruled out all the fancy cards I have made recently in favour of simple ones.

I did try using a Versafine inkpad and used various embossing powders and even glitters on them, boy do I now know why I DON'T LIKE GLITTER!!! I am still clearing bits off the side where I had put them dry in a 'safe' place. Disregard this method altogether!!!

Simple should have been the key word, but nothing is ever as simple as I think it should be. I decided to make some 5" square cards using my new Ultimate Pro.... love this piece of equipment!!! and since I have a lovely stamp of Whitby Abbey I decided that would be very appropriate given that we are away halloween w/end, so I thought simple mono tone (black and white) but decided it needed 'something' so used some silver miri card, but found out stamping on to that was harder than I thought, especially when hubby points out that the light reflects differently on one to the others, it goes across rather than vertically..... enough of maths etc, it doesn't matter which way the flipping sliver shines!!!!!!

I ended up bodging one of them and the blurred lettering looks how my eyes have been seeing words recently.... hmmm didn't really want to have to stamp it all again, so found a piece of black card and put that over with the Thank You sentiment on it.

All in all the actual cards themselves far outshine the photo image I have managed to take of them. Maybe if I had taken the photo in natural daylight it might have made a difference....? Oh well too late now, am off in the morning and have still got some things that need packing in the morning.... wonder what I will forget??? Answers on a postcard to P.O. Box office 12345........

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Craft Club 14-10-09

This card is what I made at the Craft Club today, having gone for the first time in several months. At first glance I was horrified at how complicated it looked. Well for once I surpassed myself, and was surprised at just how easy it turned out to be after all.
Then when I got home after collecting Hannah from an after school club, she suddenly remembered that she hadn't made her friend a new home card for choir tonight, she is leaving to live in Scotland soon, so it was also her last choir night. So good old mum set too with what was in teh box of printed off stuff. Within 20mins I had a card made of her to give to her friend. Phewwww , made it!!!

B/day cards for MU

Had 3 cards to make for October, and one was a 70th which I found out after I had made the cards, so since I couldn't find any of my number peel off's (sods law strikes again) I ended up just writing 70th in. That is for the 4 fold autumn card. I am not sure about where I placed the toppers and think I could do better next time. This was from one of JS's cd. Cant remember which on though now.
The Art Deco lady card is shown when I hadn't quite finished it. I ended up putting 3 little stars going down in the top right side and a large Happy Birthday in the bottom left side. I really can't think why I never took another photo when I had 'tarted' them up a bit. This was made using Card Creation's Art Deco cd.

The last card is a pryamid one which I still have to put some lavendar and lilac ribbon on, I will try and get that one photographed when I have finished it. Used Diane Dorward's Floral cd.

Ho hum we all make mistakes don't we? Well happy accidents so people keep telling me lol. Maybe one day I will be happy with the mistakes I make LOL.

Nona :-)

Monday, 28 September 2009


How silly of me, I never took a photo of mine and Hannah's ATC's for the swap I have just hosted :( I can't believe I didn't think about it!!!
Anyway the set of 12 on the right have the top 2 rows by Susie and her friend Kim, who has made her leaf ones on some sort of board. Hannah's are the next row down with the blue sky, she added a touch of glitter glue here and there, and finally the bottom row are the ones I did, entitled Autumn Fashion. I know I got the images from blog hopping but stupid me forgot to re name them from who I got them from.
So if you are the one who had the fashion images on your blog, a BIG THANK YOU, it also brought back memories of my mum who used to make her own clothes, as I know the images were from old patterns.
The ATC's on the right were more I ended up making originally just to fill up the A4 sheet of photographic paper but then developed into the designs you can see. I used the My Craft Studio application to design them, and then just added some peel offs to finish them off.

Friday, 25 September 2009


Last week we managed to get several photos of a perfectly solitary tree at the Priory in all its glorious Autumn colours. Hannah even managed to get into the tree and take a photo looking straight up through the branches and leaves.
I managed to get them more or less into ATC sizes and Hannah has used 3 of them for an ATC swap she is taking part in.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Well in this collection we have my grandaughters 4th birthday card, a couple of RAK cards and a wedding anniversary card, which had I known at the time of making it that it was their Golden aniv, I would have made one accordingly, oh well it was a first for me as I had never made a shaker card before, and the couple loved it, so all is well that ends well, as they say :D

Birthday Cards

Here are a few recent birthday cards

The first 2 were made using the JS Messy Rabbit cd, the last one is with one of the Faerie poppets I think, but can't remember.

Am pleased to report at all the girls loved their cards.

Baby cards made

Well I thought it was about time I brought my blog up to date with some of the cards I have made recently.

These 4 cards were all for the same baby born at the end of Aug to a Guider friend of mine. I chose the JS baby one because I am a bit of a traditionlist and old fashioned at times, and this image just begged to be used.

The 2nd one with a rocking horse is a card Hannah created using the Greetings Card Factory cd we have, she is rather a dab hand at using it.

My daughter Elizabeth is now a qualified guider and the assistant to my friend so she wanted a 'funky' card from the Brownies for her, hence the bold coloured one, but she wanted a plain one from herself, so I ended up with the two teddy bears with a shaded background which I made using the My Craft Studio. Quite pleased with the end result.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Encaustic play

After not being too well recently I just haven't had any get up and go as it had got up and left ages ago lol, I haven't even really been interested in crafting :( ~ yes I was THAT badly lol.

This evening I have had a bit of a play with my encaustic art stuff. These are the results so far, I think I might turn some into ATC's and not sure what I will do with the rest yet, I might try stamping some outline images onto them.... oh decisions decisions lol.

Anyway any suggestions would be welcome, even if it is just to bin them lol.

Oh goodness no wonder I couldn't find the images on my laptop to insert, they are still on the flipping camera ROFL oh dear seems I am having a senior moment LOL

Will post the photos tomorrow.

Nona :-)

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Sandra over at Come rain or shine is celebrating her 1st birthday on here, and has some super stamps on offer as her candy. Go and have a look here


Where has the summer gone? I am sorry I haven't been posting things on here as and when I make them, but it has been a mad house here for the last goodness knows how long with upgrades to the kitchen and a shower installed in the bathroom. Totally and utterly maaaddddd.

So I think I am going to challenge myself to post on my blog at least once a week and see how that goes. Give me a nudge if you see me lapse will you please.


Sunday, 26 July 2009


My friend June has some blog candy to pass on, you can find her link HERE
Sorry I wasn't sure where I was supposed to put this.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Blog Awards

Ok so I know I am a slow learner lol but my thanks go to Lyn (Spyder) for my 1st Blog Award a cute Teddy which she actually gave me back in May, but unfortunately I haven't known how to add it to mine lol

My 2nd Award was from another friend Liz (Lacc Ribbons Buttons & Bows) It is thanks to Liz that I now have the instructions for adding the awards LOL

Monday, 13 July 2009


I am going to apologise now for not taking part in any of the swaps or challenges for a while, but we are getting bogged down with getting the house ready (as in emptied as much as we can) before they come to renovate our kitchen and get the heating sorted out at the same time.

I don't want to say I will take part in something and then have to let you down or put myself into a panic because I haven't got it done before the deadlines. So just for now if I don't bank on doing any crafting and I manage it, it will be a bonus. If that makes sense ??? Hope so.

Keep on Crafting :-)

Saturday, 11 July 2009


MODERN TECHNOLOGY don't you just love it!!!

As some of you may or may not know I am a member of the Whitby Community Choir and each year there is an annual Streetchoir Festival somewhere in the country, well this year it was our privilege to host the 27th National Streetchoir Festival. Because of my back problems I felt I had to take a sabbatical from choir as I couldn't guarantee my being able to get to the rehearsals, or being active enough to be a steward.

Anyway last night was the opening concert and Hannah my youngest is a member of Whitby Sings, our junior choir, I was so proud of her and of all of them. Their ages range between 8 and 13 but can go up to 18 we just don't have any older ones yet lol. They kick started what turned out to be a FANTASTIC concert, with The Ruby Larks, Members of the Waterson Family, finishing off with Black Umfolosi 5, WOW WOW WOW what a great performance from all. The concert didn't end until after 11pm so a late night!!

Today members from 29 choirs met to have a rehearsal for the Massed sing which took place at Noon. I was going to have gone to listen, but unfortunately I am having a really bad off day :( so was not in a position to go out. Hubby took Hannah though and they really enjoyed it.

This is where the MODERN TECHNOLOGY comes into the fore. Because our mobile phones are on free to certain numbers, he phoned me up so I could listen and I actually joined in the singing at home. Wow what an experience that was, and one that I am truly grateful for mobile phones for once!!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

We had our MU Archdeaconry Festival tonight, and one of our members had produced a bookmark that I thought I would share with you all.

One Day At A Time

To meet life one day at a time,
one step at a time;
to have the strength and the
will to keep on keeping on;
to have the wisdom to handle
the affairs of life;
to have the ability to make
right and good decisions;
to have the courage to let the
past go, to forge ahead resolutely;
to have the grace to meet
each experience; expectantly,
to have the faith to know there
is no loss or separation in
God, that in Him I am forever
with those I love;
to have the vision to see the
good in all things, the Christ in
all persons;
to have an awareness of
God's presence, close,
to know that underneath are
the everlasting arms, that God
will not fail me or forsake me;
this is my prayer.

Salisbury diocese, from
'Women at prayer' 1994

Hope it may be of some inspiration to you.

I ended up late on Monday night panicking that we wouldn't have enough stuff to sell at the Fund raising BBQ on Tues night for The Woodlands Trust that the Brownies and Rainbows were doing. So I set to and ended up in the wee small hours making 6 more cards. They must have been ok as several of them sold, thank goodness.

Friday, 12 June 2009

A week ago at the Craft Club I made a card using a frame, which I chalked a bit and got 2 plain flowers and used a quicky glue pen on and then glittered with a shimmery glitter, I must ask what it was as I quite liked the effect. Anyway that then became the MU birthday card for this month, not looking forward to next year really as I have a few 80th and 90th cards to make for our ladies.

The next cards are for Elizabeth, my daughter who will be 20 tomorrow, but will be away on a Guiding Training over at Waddow. So had to make sure they went to my fiends last night for her to take and give to her tomorrow. I know the staff at Waddow are making her a tray back cake so I am sure she will be very embarrassed but pleased with it all.
The Otter card is from the JS Jayne Netley Mayhew cd. Hannah choose the image and printed them off but I ended up having to put it all together for her as we were running out of time to get them to my friend. I had decided I wanted to use the beautiful fuchia paper I had but couldn't think what to do, until I found the black mirri card and the peel off's and bingo I had the plan. lol.

I think that is now me caught up with my latest makes...... just as well as I have my grand daughters 1st birthday card to make for next week, so as they say.... watch this space!!!!

We had a bit of a change with these cards, as they were created using the Greetings Cards Factory programme. Unfortunately for me Hannah has become a whiz at using this as it is on the family computer, which I never seem to get on these days lol. Anyway picture this if you can ~ it is the night before her best friend is due to make her 1st Holy Communion so she prints off her card after we have managed to work out how to print it on both sides. I asked if the card was from all of us, until she pointed out the wording ~ For a Dear Friend........ ok I thought it can't be that hard to quickly get one made up and printed off...... What did I know!!!!!! After all that we did make it in the end complete with a 20 min drive to get there all for a 9am Service, which is half an hour before our own service ususally begins lol.
The good thing is that Hannah now knows what the service is like and that she will now be more confident when it is her time to make her 1st Holy Communion. And as they say that is a totally different story....... Must remember to get a dress sorted for her!

I couldn't believe the choices I had of the front cover, the wording for inside and I was a bit overwhelmed, so I cheated and found a ready made template and used that, personally I thought the sentiments and the quality of the pictures were better than you would get in a regular card shop..... opppss can I say that or is it swearing??? LOL

Oh I also forgot to mention Hannah had made some bookmarks for Safia so to make up the whole sheet I made her one and one for Hannah and I to use in our latest read together book!!! The Books r fun one isn't in the photo unfortunately.