Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Well this was my favourite piece I made with the cd. I also made a box to put it in but have found out I can only upload 5 photos at a time, ah but have now found out I can upload more after they are uploaded lol. Well all this is a learning curve for me!

I used a 12x12 sheet of card and cut it into 3 strips of 3 squares and stuck 2 of them together, used the spare for another card ~ see previous entry.

I love the papers and found out if I printed the fans onto photo paper it just looked like I had folded the fan, but it is all flat.
Isn't it funny how you learn a new technique and have no idea when you will be able to use it next, that a situation arises which you can do it in? This is what happened with me with this long card, I had made an oriental one at my craft class, which has now finished :( and since I had some of the 12x12 card to hand I cut that up and as they say one thing led to another LOL.

FAN-tastic Cd.

I am going to have to remember to put the photos in reverse order so the first one comes out first not last lol.
Well this card was made using a cd by Hasandesign called FAN-tastic and as you may gather it is all based on fans from days gone by.
This was actually made using the left over strip from a 12x12 sheet that I made something else from.

FAN-tastuc Cd

FAN-tastic Cd

This cd is one by Hasandesigns. I had learnt a new way of making a card?? not sure that is the correct term for this as it is one of those foldy up type thingys, made out of a 12x12 sheet of card then 2 or 3 of the strips stuck together to make one long one.

Anyway this was the top sheet so to speak. again trying to use ribbon as well. lol.

Fantastique Cd.

Easter Cards samples.

I know Easter is now long gone, but I didn't know how to add pictures when I first started my blog lol. So I thought I would still share with you some of the cards I made.
These were some sample cards I made using a clear stamp, I used glitter glue on some of them, but wasn't too impressed with the results, but using my glue pen and proper glitter gave a much nicer finish. I also used something like H2O's but they're not, if you follow me. When they were dry the pearlsecent finish was great, and have used them since. I also used a white ink to stamp onto the yellow vellum, but I am not sure just what the paper is as I couldn't emboss on it, it just didn't show up, but the white stamping gave a brilliant effect which I loved. I also stamped ont ribbon for the first time for the blue strip with the mini eggs on. On the whole I enjoyed the challange of using the stamp.

Monday, 18 May 2009

ATC's & TAG's

Yet more first's for me with these which were for a swap on the JJ forum. The top one I stamped the background of the Tower of London and the London Eye then actually inked around the edge, the others I used some papers which I tore, again not something I am happy doing, but love the effect on these, again I inked around the edges and really didn't want to send them off LOL.

With the tags, I used the inner part of a screen template I have which I used for the first time only last Wed at craft club lol. All the flowers were from a die cut decoupage book but I searched online for some flower quotes and then created a word document and printed it onto vellum, which much to my suprise worked really well, again another first for me lol. I used a Laura Ashley backing paper for the backs and used my cropodile to create the eyelets for the ribbons, again I don't use ribbons very much, but I am trying to use them more often as I have so much of them lol.
Well I hope these are ok, I will dig out some photos of some cards I made from a cd as sample cards for a sky show. Only problem they will probably take up a lot of room on here LOL.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Rose Flower Fairy card

Well I finally bit the bullet and had a go at stamping, after all it is no good me just looking at all these pretty stamps I have, now is it? lol.

I stamped the Rose Flower Fairy with Stone Grey Stazon and then used water colour pencils to colour it in. I think I am definately going to have to practice at colouring in and shading with all sorts of mediums. I then used some red mirri card/paper to mount the image on, and then put it onto a 6x6 card I had cut down using a rose embossed white card. (I found out the hard way that you don't stamp onto an embossed card!!!! well not if you want a clear image you don't. lol) I then used some sparkly peel offs to edge the image, then coloured in a Happy Birthday peel off in red to tie in with the theme. By the way it started off as being a card for a 'Lady in Red' challenge on another forum ~ must learn how to put a link to it. I have now made 2 inserst for the card and then I topped it all off by using a 12x12 sheet of paper and making a square envelope for the card.

What an achievment for me it has turned out to be, so many firsts as well. I have been totally out of my 'comfort zone' with this challenge, but I am sure that now it has been made up my friends daughter will like as it is now going to be her 13th birthday card from me.

Now this may or may not work as I try to add a photo of the card. Oh well it worked, just not where I thought the picture would go. Oh well something else for me to add to my list of how to do something right to learn!!!