Thursday, 24 June 2010


This was an extra session because so many are going to be away that is now it till 14th July.... gosh that seems soooo very far away. I am sure it will pass too quickly lol.

Anyway the pink and green card is what most of the class made, the problem with using a double sided paper, is which side do you actually use, they are both so nice, so while several used all the pink side, I used a mix of the two which I think looks quite nice. The fushia was already stamped and embossed ready to cut out, given that I had finished in under an hour and some were going to have to finish it off at home after a 2 hour session..... well you can understand the age of some of them. Or I guess it could be that they were talking more than I was LOL

Because I had finished so soon I decided that I might as well finish off the card that I had started the week before. So I got some decoupage cut out, and used green holographic card as a backing for the white embossed backing (if you remember I used a light box for the 1st time to make the backing frame) I finished off with a silver peel off just to hide the rubbish cutting out I had done lol.

The one problem I have is actually using them and giving them to others lol. All the more reason to make some more then isn't it!!!!! LOL.


  1. Your cards are lovely Nona

    Hugs Jackie x

  2. oh nona hun these are beautiful ,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  3. Hi Mona, both cards are beautiful makes, lovely detail, sorry have not popped by for quite some time, I hope to do so more often hope you are well,
    Sarah xx

  4. Oh Nona these are both lovely. Glad to see you enjoying your crafts skills.

  5. Thank you dear friends, I have to admit that I am enjoying doing new things after all LOL.

    Hugs to you all
    Nona :-)

  6. Nona, these are both just lovely, you've been so busy recently, you're putting the rest of us to shame :P

  7. I think it is just a case of being able to get to Craft Club for 2 weeks running, but that is it till 14th July, so will have to keep up the momentum on my own lol. It also makes up for the fact I didn't post anything for 6 months or more. Oopppss