Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Well Tim and I have reached our 25th Wedding Anniversary, when I think back I can honestly say that I never thought we wouldn't. My sister in law organised a lovely bouquet of flowers to arrive in the morning, which was a lovely suprise, just as well I was up and downstairs at the time lol. We actually celebrated with the children and my 'half brother' Peter (no relation just a very long standing friend who treats me like a sister) last Sunday when Christina put on a lovely spread which she baked from scratch most of the food. We had a lovely time chatting and drinking and playing games. Peter provided the Champagne ..... Elizabeth made us a lovely black photo frame which she has fashioned some silver flowers on opposite corners which just set it off beautifully, we need to get an up to date photo of us both in it. She has also been and ordered us a wooden garden bench which will arrive shortly, they say up to 28 days.... she thinks they are chopping down the tree then carving it from scratch LOL.

Last night on our actual anniversary day 12th July we had our last Brownies and Rainbows for this year. We enrolled 6 Rainbows and had a 'Silver' theme party where we all had to wear something silver. I also took all the cards we had received and the flowers too. They had some great fun trying to dress each other in tin foil LOL Me thinks that those photos are destined for the Pack Scrapbook LOL.

Later this evening I hope to get my photos sorted out from all the cards I have been making when I have felt up to it. I have a New Home, Get Well and Birthday cards to make for this next week, so will have to get cracking with those too.