Monday, 6 December 2010


I know a lot of people use Digi stamps, and I have been wondering just how easy they are to use.

What weight of paper or card do you print on to and what do you use to colour them in with? I know promarkers are very popular but I am usually behind the times and don't actually own any, I have hinted at it as a possibility for a Christmas present, so will just have to wait and see if the words were heard, along with a hougie board, clarity stamps and dvd's, a big n juicy stamp pad *mountain and spice*, brayer, nesties *labels* or any type.... etc etc etc..... maybe I should just save up and then check on eBay lol.

Another question is are there any websites which you would reccommend to a complete beginner at digi stamping?

Something else I have been pondering on today is the use of flipping glitter.... I know I hate it, but I have decided that I have to use what I have or else get rid of it all, and it stands to reason that since I haven't given it a chance so far that I really should.

I have thought that I could use a peel off onto card then use some glue to fill in the areas and cover with glitter, if I did that what glue would be best to use? I will also have a go with using double sided tape in a more bolder style and use the glitter on that too.

What do you think, am I mad to even try these?

Anyway any help would be greatefully appriciated thanks.

Hope you are all keeping snug and warm in all this white stuff .... it is well past the time it should have gone, I think we have all just about had enough with it now.

3rd Dec

Well I continued with my craft mojo so went with the flow and made a few more Christmas cards destined for the Christmas Fair on the 4th Dec.

What do you think of these?
I didn't send the top card as I quite like that and Hanah pointed out I had put the backing paper on upside down....
I was also in two minds about the 3 Kings as I just love the colouring on that card.

MU Birthday cards for Nov & Dec 2010

2nd Dec saw me sitting down to make a start on the birthday cards. Because the 2 cards for Nov were for the end of the month I was going to give them at church or at the next meeting, which is why I come to be making Nov b/day cards now lol.

Well I had printed out some sheets from some of JS cd's the night before so that if I made it to Craft Club and finished early I could make a start, unfortunately it was cancelled, BUT fortunately for me it meant that I was able to crack on with them.

Once I got started I didn't stop, hubby placed a sandwich next to me or I would have forgotten to eat even LOL.

I am really pleased with how they have come out. Hope you agree.

16th Nov Brownies & Rainbow meeting.

Well how proud am I of my Brownies & Rainbows, just look at their efforts with the Christmas cards, I am sure that anyone receiving them will enjoy them immensely. The silver one is done my my daughter and the one with the yellow border had help from my guider friend who came to help me. The rest are all their own works of art.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Samples for my Brownies & Rainbows

16th Nov I knew I would be without my co guider so had asked another guider to help me with my meeting. I had decided that because I wasn't going to be able to follow our term plan that we would make Christmas cards instead. So of course I had to make a couple of samples up. A good friend from a forum had sent me a die cut decoupage book for me to use, so some had gone on my MU meeting ones, and so of course I used them for the girls. I had pre popped them and cleaned up any pips on them and put them into little money bags so the girls could choose themselves which one to make up.
If you ask my family they will all tell you how much I actually hate using glitter, so goodness knows how I have come to have so much of the darned stuff. So I decided to have a little play if you can call it that lol. I edged the card with double sided tape then used the red glitter on it. Who knew there were so many different types of glitter in the world. They are rather large pieces, but not to worry. If you look on the card I made at Craft Club in the Odds & ends post I used a very fine crystal glitter which another lady had with her, I have to admit that it really brought the image to life. So I will keep on working on using the wretched stuff LOL.

Odds and ends.

This card was made from using old envelopes, made at a sort of craft group that I went to with a friend of mine. I will go again, but haven't been able to just yet because of the weather.

This card was made at my Craft club 3-11-10 the only down side was that the image and background and sentiment were already stamped out, so just needed to assemble it. I think I would like to try stamping more as I need to get more confident with it.

08-11-2010 MU meeting

Well for my sins I somehow agreed to lead this meeting with the theme of making Christmas cards.... not sure how it happened!!! Anyway set to amd made some sample cards for the ladies to look at and decide what style etc they would like to make. I took far too much stuff with me and gave them far too much choice, have made a note for in future....
I was told the week after in church that it had been lovely for them to actually do something rather than being talked to all the time by a speaker!!
Glad to know I am starting to do something right LOL.

Saturday, 30 October 2010


Well I now think I am sorted out with my laptop, but unfortunately Tech Support have gone and put Vista on it instead of my XP that was on :( So am still trying to get uesd to using it. I just hope that all my craft cd's will still work with Vista.

Well I have been busy occassionally when I have been well enough although unfortunately we did loose the camera for a couple of months, so didn't get any photographs taken of the cards sent out during that time :(

So bear with me as I try and get caught up with posting my makes.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Well what a last few days I have had healthwise :( Anyway surfice to say that I am not climbing the walls in pain any more, so I guess the tablets I am now on must have started working.
HAPPY 4th of JULY to those of you who celebrate it, I should have been going to a party tonight to help one of my Brownies mum celebrate it, but unfortunately my daughter is double booked as she is playing in a concert tonight. I am still not certain if I am going to go depends how well my tablets work this evening after I have had something to eat.

I have today made a stationery box using MCS (My Craft Studio) in case you were wondering. I am pleasently suprised at how sturdy it has come out. I used 160gsm paper, for both the box and the cards, and only 80gsm for the inserts, envelopes and liner. I do however need to get onto the helpline as the insert has a funny line on them and unless I am missing something obvious then it has to be a fault on the image :( Well the box I have decided is going to go to the Summer Fayre later in the month for either the tombola or raffle, wherever they want to put it. I am going to make sure that my name is on it all..... LOL you never know!!!!!!

I also managed to track down a brilliant and sooo easy tutorial for making a neverending card, I have never tried one before so followed the video and it worked!!!! YEAHHHHH so pleased with it, just need to decorate it now well the 2nd one I have made that is, I am keeping the first one as an instruction card in my folder lol.

I hope those of you haven't tried a neverending card before will check out the easy video and have a go, please let me know if you mange to have a go.

Friday, 25 June 2010

My New Owl Stamp

I got to have a little play with the new stamp this afternoon. I was very thrifty as well as I used a piece of card that I had cut off as excess from another project, so used that, it is only a small card, but just right I think for this stamp. I had to practice a few times, and am still not totally happy with the end result, but will try in on the rock a blocks when I can find them lol.

Ok so there I was quite happy with one of the results on the scrap card, that I decided to stamp onto the main card....... inked it all up really well with the Impress Carmine ink pad and stamped onto the card..... to my horror I had managed to miss out most of one of the eyes :( that is soooo very frustrating. I nearly scrapped the whole idea at that point, BUT I cut out the image that wasn't too bad on the scrap card and just stuck on some sticky pads and decoupaged it LOL. I don't think it looks too bad, I did cut off the feet on the scrap card one as I had cut it too straight.

I guess what I have learnt today, is that when stamping, you have to have some sort of pad to stamp on, that will take a bit more investigating, and also that there can be ways round things that you think are ruined. But most of all I need to practice, and practice and practice some more at stamping.

What does everyone else use for stamping on? Oh and did you notice my clever use of using a coloured ink pad so I wouldn't have to colour it in?? Genius I call it LOL. Still waiting for any colouring in Workshops lol.


Well I have had a little bit of a play with the beautiful papers that Susan has created and can be found here ~ I have really had fun making the cat, I think she is adorable and don't really want to give her away, BUT she was made for a shaped card swap so I am going to have to send her on her way soon. I forgot to mention that I am still debating if I should add a couple of googlie eyes to the green eyes lol. It is going to have to depend on if I can find them, I have got hundred's of them somewhere in the craft room ROFL.

The second card I made an easy stepper card, which is dead easy to make, after all I made it LOL. Anyway it was on C&C I think the presenter was called Ali something or other with the huggy board? You cut your A4 card down to 28cm which makes it easy for working out, then you score at 3cm, 6cm, 10cm, 14cm straight across for the fold in the card, and then 21cm. These go half way to the 10.5cm mark, you then cut the card from 21c. down to 3cm down the 10.5cm line. The steppers can go either way depending on which way you fold them. Hope all this makes sense.

Ok to get back to the card I have used Susan's papers again for the backing, then used an image off the JS Fashion Boutique cd matted onto some green holographic card. I still need to add a ribbon to the stepper with the smallest image on, and a sentiment on the front when I know what I am sending it for.
Susan, I hope you like them, I love this set of papers and need to buy some more lol.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


This was an extra session because so many are going to be away that is now it till 14th July.... gosh that seems soooo very far away. I am sure it will pass too quickly lol.

Anyway the pink and green card is what most of the class made, the problem with using a double sided paper, is which side do you actually use, they are both so nice, so while several used all the pink side, I used a mix of the two which I think looks quite nice. The fushia was already stamped and embossed ready to cut out, given that I had finished in under an hour and some were going to have to finish it off at home after a 2 hour session..... well you can understand the age of some of them. Or I guess it could be that they were talking more than I was LOL

Because I had finished so soon I decided that I might as well finish off the card that I had started the week before. So I got some decoupage cut out, and used green holographic card as a backing for the white embossed backing (if you remember I used a light box for the 1st time to make the backing frame) I finished off with a silver peel off just to hide the rubbish cutting out I had done lol.

The one problem I have is actually using them and giving them to others lol. All the more reason to make some more then isn't it!!!!! LOL.

Craft Stash

Well I gave in a ended up buying myself some new stamps, you would think that the amount I have I would be a fantastic stamper!!! You would be wrong LOL. I am not a very confident stamper, but I am starting to do a bit more. Now if only I could work out how to colour them in I would be on a roll then. Does anyone know of any workshops for colouring in???

I was actually debating between a couple of dearer stamp sets, but then saw the Owl and I just had to have her!! Isn't she cute? Well I think so. The Persimmion Stamps just had that touch of class to them, and I thought they might be good on ATC's, we shall see. I had thought I might have a play this evening, but between the tennis and the muggy weather, I just feel like slobbing out tonight.