Sunday, 29 May 2011

I'm Still Here!

Hope you are all having a great Bank Holiday Weekend. Life has been a bit up and down recently which is why I haven't been around. Sorry for that.

Well we are now down to having just my little laptop for the whole family to use, it is amazing how long the kids can spend online with homework and 'other stuff'!

My oldest daughter has now got a puppy, who is absolutely gorgeous..... but because daughter works (thank goodness) she has only had an hours break for the last 2 nights, so we have taken the pup out for an hour to play and run around etc... the pup not me that is LOL. Unfortunately I am paying the price today, so didn't get to church.. BUT because I am at home watching C&C I have managed to get 2 Big 'n' Juicy ink pads on BOGOF.... yeahhhhhh I am a happy bunny!!!

Yesterday a friend from church gave me her old sewing machine, yes I know that is a heavy one, but it works and also has a load of embroidery stitches, (I think it will be a while before we get onto those stitches!) lol. Hannah has been badgering me into teaching her how to dressmake. Unfortunately I don't have much confidence in myself, yet! But Hannah was a very lucky girl to have been sent all 4 DVD's from Debbie Shore. Hannah has also saved her pocket money and yesterday we went and bought her material, a pattern for a simple elesticated skirt, and the elestic, so that when we have had a go at making the skirt out of old sheeting we can make it up in her lilac gingham.

Although I have been missing from here I have still been making cards for my MU ladies and family cards. We are in the middle of making some cards for a Coffee Morning we are having as a fund raiser for Branch funds later in June.

I have also got a new digital camera (thanks to another friend who is like family to us all deciding to get me it for all the missed birthdays and Christmass' that he didn't get me anything) and am doing a day course on Picasa this week, so am looking forward to using it properly and managing the photos better. So hopefully will take some photos of cards I still have.

Hope to catch up soon with the forums I go on as I have really missed chatting and being inspired by friends on there.

Well that is if for me for now as Hannah needs to come on to get her maths homework done.... not only do they get a book to work through but they are now set homework online... there is a lot of assumption that everyone now has access to a computer and the internet .... how education is changing!!

Bye for now.

Nona :-)