Thursday, 29 October 2009

Guiders G2G4

Well it is now the end of Oct and I am just about ready to go off to London in the morning for a Guiders Get Together with other Guiders from a forum we all belong to.

I was asked to make 4 Thank You cards so ummed and ahhed over what I could do, and ruled out all the fancy cards I have made recently in favour of simple ones.

I did try using a Versafine inkpad and used various embossing powders and even glitters on them, boy do I now know why I DON'T LIKE GLITTER!!! I am still clearing bits off the side where I had put them dry in a 'safe' place. Disregard this method altogether!!!

Simple should have been the key word, but nothing is ever as simple as I think it should be. I decided to make some 5" square cards using my new Ultimate Pro.... love this piece of equipment!!! and since I have a lovely stamp of Whitby Abbey I decided that would be very appropriate given that we are away halloween w/end, so I thought simple mono tone (black and white) but decided it needed 'something' so used some silver miri card, but found out stamping on to that was harder than I thought, especially when hubby points out that the light reflects differently on one to the others, it goes across rather than vertically..... enough of maths etc, it doesn't matter which way the flipping sliver shines!!!!!!

I ended up bodging one of them and the blurred lettering looks how my eyes have been seeing words recently.... hmmm didn't really want to have to stamp it all again, so found a piece of black card and put that over with the Thank You sentiment on it.

All in all the actual cards themselves far outshine the photo image I have managed to take of them. Maybe if I had taken the photo in natural daylight it might have made a difference....? Oh well too late now, am off in the morning and have still got some things that need packing in the morning.... wonder what I will forget??? Answers on a postcard to P.O. Box office 12345........

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Craft Club 14-10-09

This card is what I made at the Craft Club today, having gone for the first time in several months. At first glance I was horrified at how complicated it looked. Well for once I surpassed myself, and was surprised at just how easy it turned out to be after all.
Then when I got home after collecting Hannah from an after school club, she suddenly remembered that she hadn't made her friend a new home card for choir tonight, she is leaving to live in Scotland soon, so it was also her last choir night. So good old mum set too with what was in teh box of printed off stuff. Within 20mins I had a card made of her to give to her friend. Phewwww , made it!!!

B/day cards for MU

Had 3 cards to make for October, and one was a 70th which I found out after I had made the cards, so since I couldn't find any of my number peel off's (sods law strikes again) I ended up just writing 70th in. That is for the 4 fold autumn card. I am not sure about where I placed the toppers and think I could do better next time. This was from one of JS's cd. Cant remember which on though now.
The Art Deco lady card is shown when I hadn't quite finished it. I ended up putting 3 little stars going down in the top right side and a large Happy Birthday in the bottom left side. I really can't think why I never took another photo when I had 'tarted' them up a bit. This was made using Card Creation's Art Deco cd.

The last card is a pryamid one which I still have to put some lavendar and lilac ribbon on, I will try and get that one photographed when I have finished it. Used Diane Dorward's Floral cd.

Ho hum we all make mistakes don't we? Well happy accidents so people keep telling me lol. Maybe one day I will be happy with the mistakes I make LOL.

Nona :-)