Friday, 25 June 2010


Well I have had a little bit of a play with the beautiful papers that Susan has created and can be found here ~ I have really had fun making the cat, I think she is adorable and don't really want to give her away, BUT she was made for a shaped card swap so I am going to have to send her on her way soon. I forgot to mention that I am still debating if I should add a couple of googlie eyes to the green eyes lol. It is going to have to depend on if I can find them, I have got hundred's of them somewhere in the craft room ROFL.

The second card I made an easy stepper card, which is dead easy to make, after all I made it LOL. Anyway it was on C&C I think the presenter was called Ali something or other with the huggy board? You cut your A4 card down to 28cm which makes it easy for working out, then you score at 3cm, 6cm, 10cm, 14cm straight across for the fold in the card, and then 21cm. These go half way to the 10.5cm mark, you then cut the card from 21c. down to 3cm down the 10.5cm line. The steppers can go either way depending on which way you fold them. Hope all this makes sense.

Ok to get back to the card I have used Susan's papers again for the backing, then used an image off the JS Fashion Boutique cd matted onto some green holographic card. I still need to add a ribbon to the stepper with the smallest image on, and a sentiment on the front when I know what I am sending it for.
Susan, I hope you like them, I love this set of papers and need to buy some more lol.


  1. Oh Nona, I love both of these, but especially that cat, lol, just too cute! :D

  2. I really didn't want to post it off, I did modify it a bit and put on some eye lashes and whiskers before I sent it off.