Saturday, 4 December 2010

Samples for my Brownies & Rainbows

16th Nov I knew I would be without my co guider so had asked another guider to help me with my meeting. I had decided that because I wasn't going to be able to follow our term plan that we would make Christmas cards instead. So of course I had to make a couple of samples up. A good friend from a forum had sent me a die cut decoupage book for me to use, so some had gone on my MU meeting ones, and so of course I used them for the girls. I had pre popped them and cleaned up any pips on them and put them into little money bags so the girls could choose themselves which one to make up.
If you ask my family they will all tell you how much I actually hate using glitter, so goodness knows how I have come to have so much of the darned stuff. So I decided to have a little play if you can call it that lol. I edged the card with double sided tape then used the red glitter on it. Who knew there were so many different types of glitter in the world. They are rather large pieces, but not to worry. If you look on the card I made at Craft Club in the Odds & ends post I used a very fine crystal glitter which another lady had with her, I have to admit that it really brought the image to life. So I will keep on working on using the wretched stuff LOL.


  1. Wow fab cards Nona,so glad you are coverting to glitter, i am a total glitter girl i love the stuff, it just adds a special touch to cards, and love the decoupage images very traditional.
    Take care hun
    Hugs Betty x x

  2. Thanks Betty, haven't touched the glitter since so far, as haven't really done anything to add it to, but it is lurking in my mind to do lol. The decoupage is from a book with die cut ones in. International TBZ...? something like that.

    Nona :-)