Monday, 6 December 2010


I know a lot of people use Digi stamps, and I have been wondering just how easy they are to use.

What weight of paper or card do you print on to and what do you use to colour them in with? I know promarkers are very popular but I am usually behind the times and don't actually own any, I have hinted at it as a possibility for a Christmas present, so will just have to wait and see if the words were heard, along with a hougie board, clarity stamps and dvd's, a big n juicy stamp pad *mountain and spice*, brayer, nesties *labels* or any type.... etc etc etc..... maybe I should just save up and then check on eBay lol.

Another question is are there any websites which you would reccommend to a complete beginner at digi stamping?

Something else I have been pondering on today is the use of flipping glitter.... I know I hate it, but I have decided that I have to use what I have or else get rid of it all, and it stands to reason that since I haven't given it a chance so far that I really should.

I have thought that I could use a peel off onto card then use some glue to fill in the areas and cover with glitter, if I did that what glue would be best to use? I will also have a go with using double sided tape in a more bolder style and use the glitter on that too.

What do you think, am I mad to even try these?

Anyway any help would be greatefully appriciated thanks.

Hope you are all keeping snug and warm in all this white stuff .... it is well past the time it should have gone, I think we have all just about had enough with it now.


  1. Hi Nona, hope you are keeping well and warm in all this snow.
    All your cards are fab and didn't your Brownies do well.
    Sorry I can't help with the digi images as I rarely use them, if I do I just use thin card and colour in in either promarkers or prismacolour pencils.
    If I use glitter I use a quickie glue pen, I have tried using the fine D/S tape to make a fine border and that works quite well too

    Take care
    Hugs Jackie x

  2. Hi Nona,
    Have just started to use digi images and find I tend to use them as I would an outline stamp.
    One thing I do is to use my ink pads as paints, this I do by using one of the brown craft mats (which are great for almost everything as you can heat on them for embossing and glue on them etc etc. and they just wipe clean)
    Anyway, just press your preferred colourers onto the mat and then use either normal paint brush with water or an aqua brush. Be careful of not making it too wet or the card/paper will wrinkle. If this starts to happen zapp it with the heat gun ASAP both on the top and then from underneath to straighten it out.
    Hope this helps, I'm no expert just a happy home card maker to make cards to send to family and friends.
    All the best veecee

  3. Hi Nona,
    Just realised I forget to mention that you need to be careful about how you colour your digi image as the outline may 'run' when you paint it.