Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Baby cards made

Well I thought it was about time I brought my blog up to date with some of the cards I have made recently.

These 4 cards were all for the same baby born at the end of Aug to a Guider friend of mine. I chose the JS baby one because I am a bit of a traditionlist and old fashioned at times, and this image just begged to be used.

The 2nd one with a rocking horse is a card Hannah created using the Greetings Card Factory cd we have, she is rather a dab hand at using it.

My daughter Elizabeth is now a qualified guider and the assistant to my friend so she wanted a 'funky' card from the Brownies for her, hence the bold coloured one, but she wanted a plain one from herself, so I ended up with the two teddy bears with a shaded background which I made using the My Craft Studio. Quite pleased with the end result.