Saturday, 11 July 2009


MODERN TECHNOLOGY don't you just love it!!!

As some of you may or may not know I am a member of the Whitby Community Choir and each year there is an annual Streetchoir Festival somewhere in the country, well this year it was our privilege to host the 27th National Streetchoir Festival. Because of my back problems I felt I had to take a sabbatical from choir as I couldn't guarantee my being able to get to the rehearsals, or being active enough to be a steward.

Anyway last night was the opening concert and Hannah my youngest is a member of Whitby Sings, our junior choir, I was so proud of her and of all of them. Their ages range between 8 and 13 but can go up to 18 we just don't have any older ones yet lol. They kick started what turned out to be a FANTASTIC concert, with The Ruby Larks, Members of the Waterson Family, finishing off with Black Umfolosi 5, WOW WOW WOW what a great performance from all. The concert didn't end until after 11pm so a late night!!

Today members from 29 choirs met to have a rehearsal for the Massed sing which took place at Noon. I was going to have gone to listen, but unfortunately I am having a really bad off day :( so was not in a position to go out. Hubby took Hannah though and they really enjoyed it.

This is where the MODERN TECHNOLOGY comes into the fore. Because our mobile phones are on free to certain numbers, he phoned me up so I could listen and I actually joined in the singing at home. Wow what an experience that was, and one that I am truly grateful for mobile phones for once!!!


  1. Hi Nona, shame you weren't well enough to go to the mass sing today but how great is modern technology that you could join in anyway.
    Hope you are ok am back now from seeing Hannah off to Canada and I've just had an email to say the forum is back up and runing, see you there
    Hugs Jackie

  2. Thanks Jackie, bet your a bit emotional right now, I know how it was like seeing my sister off when they emigrated to Canada, back in '77 see you on the forum :D

    Huge Hugs
    Nona :-)