Sunday, 13 September 2009

Encaustic play

After not being too well recently I just haven't had any get up and go as it had got up and left ages ago lol, I haven't even really been interested in crafting :( ~ yes I was THAT badly lol.

This evening I have had a bit of a play with my encaustic art stuff. These are the results so far, I think I might turn some into ATC's and not sure what I will do with the rest yet, I might try stamping some outline images onto them.... oh decisions decisions lol.

Anyway any suggestions would be welcome, even if it is just to bin them lol.

Oh goodness no wonder I couldn't find the images on my laptop to insert, they are still on the flipping camera ROFL oh dear seems I am having a senior moment LOL

Will post the photos tomorrow.

Nona :-)


  1. LOL Nona you have made me smile, lol, looking forward to seeing your makes :)

  2. Thanks Susan, just one of those 'senior' moments LOL.