Friday, 12 June 2009

We had a bit of a change with these cards, as they were created using the Greetings Cards Factory programme. Unfortunately for me Hannah has become a whiz at using this as it is on the family computer, which I never seem to get on these days lol. Anyway picture this if you can ~ it is the night before her best friend is due to make her 1st Holy Communion so she prints off her card after we have managed to work out how to print it on both sides. I asked if the card was from all of us, until she pointed out the wording ~ For a Dear Friend........ ok I thought it can't be that hard to quickly get one made up and printed off...... What did I know!!!!!! After all that we did make it in the end complete with a 20 min drive to get there all for a 9am Service, which is half an hour before our own service ususally begins lol.
The good thing is that Hannah now knows what the service is like and that she will now be more confident when it is her time to make her 1st Holy Communion. And as they say that is a totally different story....... Must remember to get a dress sorted for her!

I couldn't believe the choices I had of the front cover, the wording for inside and I was a bit overwhelmed, so I cheated and found a ready made template and used that, personally I thought the sentiments and the quality of the pictures were better than you would get in a regular card shop..... opppss can I say that or is it swearing??? LOL

Oh I also forgot to mention Hannah had made some bookmarks for Safia so to make up the whole sheet I made her one and one for Hannah and I to use in our latest read together book!!! The Books r fun one isn't in the photo unfortunately.


  1. Excellent Nona, Hannah is obviously very good with this and they are perfect

    Hugs June xxx

  2. She does have some lovely ideas, and even found out some more things the programme can do when I was having a play on it lol.

    Hugs back.

    Nona :-)