Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ok one of these days I will get the hang of how to layout the photos and text, I thought I would try the no style but the photos are still all in a line lol.
We have the bottom 2 cards made for one of our MU members for her birthday, one was from the Sunday School which she runs so I was asked to make the card for her. They were both made using the JS Pamela West cd. I am going to do the cottage scene from one of the left over toppers and use a bit of flower soft on it as I think it will give a very good effect.
The Lioness image is from the Jayne Netley Mayhew cd. This was made into a Thank You card for our Link Corospondant who came to talk at my local MU meeting, I was asked to make something with an Africian theme, I think the lioness manages that, ~ doesn't it?
The top one was for my middle daughter's fiancee's birthday end of May. I ended up going for a zodiacal one because I wanted something a bit different, and I thought if I did one of my Fee J's Saucy ladies my daughter might be annoyed with me, and I am fairly sure I did a train one for him last year lol. Goodness old age is getting to be a pain when I can't remember things like I used to LOL. Anyway I used a Zodiac Edition cd I have and do you know the flipping problems I had getting the date to put on it????? We don't have a regular newspaper with horoscopes in so I decided to look online....... well you wouldn't believe the variations I could have had for Virgo, goodness knows how those born on the change over days cope lol.
If anyone has a reliable list of the dates for all of the zodiac's I would appriciate it please, for future reference.


  1. Great Cards, you've been really busy, as for Zodiac signs and date, how about this one Nona....


  2. Nona, these cards are just delightful, I love all of them.

    Hugs Sandie x

  3. Thanks Lyn will check that out. You are very kind Sandie thanks.