Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Well this was my favourite piece I made with the cd. I also made a box to put it in but have found out I can only upload 5 photos at a time, ah but have now found out I can upload more after they are uploaded lol. Well all this is a learning curve for me!

I used a 12x12 sheet of card and cut it into 3 strips of 3 squares and stuck 2 of them together, used the spare for another card ~ see previous entry.

I love the papers and found out if I printed the fans onto photo paper it just looked like I had folded the fan, but it is all flat.
Isn't it funny how you learn a new technique and have no idea when you will be able to use it next, that a situation arises which you can do it in? This is what happened with me with this long card, I had made an oriental one at my craft class, which has now finished :( and since I had some of the 12x12 card to hand I cut that up and as they say one thing led to another LOL.


  1. this is brilliant hun love it you are so clever lots love cheryl xxxxx

  2. Thanks Cheryl but I don't feel I am very adventerous, and am so aware there is so much for me to yet learn.

    Nona :-)

  3. This is lovely!! FAN-Tas-tic!


  4. Wow how very lovely

    Liz xx