Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Easter Cards samples.

I know Easter is now long gone, but I didn't know how to add pictures when I first started my blog lol. So I thought I would still share with you some of the cards I made.
These were some sample cards I made using a clear stamp, I used glitter glue on some of them, but wasn't too impressed with the results, but using my glue pen and proper glitter gave a much nicer finish. I also used something like H2O's but they're not, if you follow me. When they were dry the pearlsecent finish was great, and have used them since. I also used a white ink to stamp onto the yellow vellum, but I am not sure just what the paper is as I couldn't emboss on it, it just didn't show up, but the white stamping gave a brilliant effect which I loved. I also stamped ont ribbon for the first time for the blue strip with the mini eggs on. On the whole I enjoyed the challange of using the stamp.

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