Monday, 6 April 2009

First Posting

Well I have taken the plunge and joined the ranks of crafting blogs. Still trying to find my way around this site, not sure how to change the layout of the blog as yet.

Happy Crafting


  1. Well done Nona, you will soon get the hang of things.
    You add pictures using one of the icons at the top of where you write your post. Not sure how to explain how to do the new background though.... sorry

  2. Hi Nona, you will soon get used to things here. Welcome to blogging its a lot of fun :)
    I shall add myself to follow your blog.
    Hugs June xxx

  3. WoooHoo! Nona! Well done you!!! It's great fun...but VERY addictive!!
    I started last year but somehow deleted everything, so only started up again in february, so still learning! The back ground? Umm yes...I'll go away and think, then let you know, it is easy, once you know, but I won't tell you here, in cast I get it wrong! There's lots of sites with freeby backgrounds. Will go and look them up and let you know by email or via JJ..
    Happy Crafting!! (((Lyn))

  4. Thanks Lyn it worked *grins* Thanks for all following me and my attempts LOL

    Nona :-)